Arandee MAC Aircraft Hold Spray

MAC Aircraft Hold Spray the approved pesticide for the regulated disinsection of aircraft cargo holds and maritime, shipping containers. Active ingredients are 2 % w/w d-phenothrin and 2 % w/w permethrin.

Approved for use on aircraft:
Residual Disinsection of Aircraft Cargo Holds and Shipping Containers. Also used for the overnight disinsection treatment of aircraft cabins, to kill a broad range of flying insects.

  • Non-flammable aircraft insecticide
  • Residual and rapid knockdown providing total kill
Available in a single shot aerosol can. Net fill weights available 150g
Stock # Variant/Size Qty. Gr. Wt. (Kg) Vol.(m3)
AIRCHL1A 150g 50 10.5 0.019

Technical Data Sheet

Hold Spray

Arandee MAC Aircraft Hold Spray is a cargo hold disinsection spray specifically formulated for application as an aircraft hold insecticide and shipping container pesticide. To protect the biosecurity of destination countries, cargo hold disinsection – the process of fumigating cargo compartments with industry specific pesticide sprays – is an important function required to be carried out by airlines and shipping companies. Both aerospace hold spraying and shipping container disinsection processes are vital to ensure potentially disease carrying insects are not transmitted with cargo to foreign destinations.

Arandee MAC Aircraft Hold Spray is non-flammable, compliant with VOC regulations and comes in a single shot insecticide aerosol canister for easy deployment. The cargo insecticide meets World Health Organisation standards for shipping disinsection and is approved for aircraft bio-security protection through the cargo disinsection process.

The comprehensive treatment of aircraft holds and shipping containers through the use of Arandee’s industry specific aviation and marine insecticide treatments ensures vital biosecurity protection remains intact across the airline and maritime cargo transport industries.