Pre-Flight Spray

Approved pesticide for the disinsection of aircraft cabins and flight decks,
prior to the embarkation of passengers.

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Cabin Spray

For the disinsection of aircraft cabins, with passengers and crew on board

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Aircraft Hold Spray

Approved pesticide for the regulated disinsection of aircraft cargo holds.

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Maritime Hold Spray

Approved pesticide for the regulated disinsection of maritime shipping containers.

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Welcome to Arandee

Arandee Industries Ltd, located in Auckland New Zealand is a specialist business, focussed on the needs of passenger and freight airline service providers. We are manufacturers of internationally approved aircraft insecticides and air sanitisation products, which comply with the World Health Organisations recommendations.

Arandee Industries Ltd have been an integral part of the New Zealand quarantine aerospace program since the early 1990’s. The Arandee name is synonymous with New Zealand quarantine and border bio security. Our aircraft insecticide sprays include non-flammable aerosols for pre-embarkation, top of descent and for cargo holds disinsection methods.

These products have wide use in sectors, including sea container disinsection, aerosol fumigation of cruise ship rooms, export flower industry and housing disinsection. Produced in a user-friendly aerosol, to aid effective application and minimise waste, our products have extremely low toxicity, whilst proving highly effective in killing insects that carry vector-borne diseases.

All Arandee disinsection aerosols comply with the requirements of the World Health Organisation guidelines, the New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries and the Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. All Arandee aircraft insecticides are certified under AMS1450.

Pre-Flight Aircraft Insecticide

Arandee’s MAC Aircraft Pre Flight Spray is the ideal product when airline pre-embarkation cabin disinsection is required. Pre-flight cabin spraying is conducted in the period prior to the embarkation of passengers.

With the convenience of a multi-shot aerosol can, the Pre-Flight Spray is quickly and easily delivered via aircraft insecticide aerosol cans which feature a larger finger pad than standard aerosol sprays.

Arandee’s MAC Aircraft Pre Flight Spray is approved for airline use and meets World Health Organisation standards for effective aviation disinsection. It is also non-flammable and compliant with VOC regulations.

The pre-embarkation cabin spray, when combined with cargo hold spray and top of descent cabin spray, works to deliver comprehensive and effective aircraft disinsection.

Top of Descent Aircraft Insecticide

Arandee MAC Aircraft Cabin Spray Top of Descent aircraft insecticide has been specifically developed to meet regulatory requirements for aviation disinsection conducted during international flights.

In accordance with World Health Organization (WHO) aircraft insecticide guidance, the Top of Descent aviation insecticide includes the optimum of the active ingredient d-phenothrin which is the most effective product for the rapid knockdown and total kill of airborne insects. As a non-residual and non-cumulative pesticide, d-phenothrin is desirable for interior airline cabin spraying as top of descent disinsection spraying occurs in the presence of passengers and crew.

With a larger finger pad than that of conventional aerosol sprays, the top of descent airline cabin spray is quickly and easily deployed from the canister in a steady even flow. Available in single shot and multi shot options, the Arandee MAC Aircraft Cabin Spray Top of Descent is a non-flammable aircraft insecticide specifically approved for use aviation use. The top of descent pesticide spray is also VOC compliant in line with applicable regulations.

By conducting top of descent aircraft cabin disinsection, the effective deployment of aircraft insecticide during the flight builds on the protection provided by aircraft pre spray insecticide to ensure an insect-free aeroplane arrives at the flight’s destination.

Hold Spray

Arandee MAC Aircraft Hold Spray is a cargo hold disinsection spray specifically formulated for application as an aircraft hold insecticide and shipping container pesticide. Both aircraft hold insecticide spraying and shipping container disinsection processes are vital to ensure potentially disease carrying insects are not transmitted with cargo to its destination.

Arandee MAC Aircraft Hold Spray is non-flammable, compliant with VOC regulations and comes in single shot or multi shot insecticide aerosol canisters for easy deployment. The cargo insecticide meets World Health Organisation standards for shipping disinsection and is approved for aircraft bio-security protection through the cargo disinsection process.

The effective use of hold sprays is a vital component of cargo disinsection to ensure biosecurity protection across the airline and maritime cargo transport industries.